Here is Aston

Aston University: User generated content. Same bold message.

Editors Notes

The University wanted to capture the savvy, brave and entrepreneurial spirit of its students, and use this to attract other like-minded individuals to the institution.

Community and belonging are the driving forces for university choices, so it was critical that messaging didn’t just become a list of rational benefits.

Students can get that from a course page.

Campaign narrative and storytelling

The campaign narrative (a mantra) captured the qualities of the University’s students.

The approach was to celebrate students – personalities, ambitions and achievements.

Here’s for the ones who can’t stand still,
who never stop creating.
Here’s for the ambitious with the drive to succeed.

Here’s for the ones who do things differently
and carve out their own path.
Here’s for the free thinkers,
fun seekers and go getters.

Here’s for the original,
the genuine, the bold.
Here’s for action, getting ahead
and going beyond.

Here’s to your journey and how it unfolds
Here’s for making things happen
and doing it your way.
Here’s for you.
Where is here?

Here is Aston.

The verdict

Uplift of 17% in applications
Between the campaign launch in November and the UCAS deadline in January, the University saw 17% more applications than it did the previous year.

Shortlisted for two Heist awards
Cheers! Shortlisted for the awards “Best use of content, social or digital” and “Best undergraduate recruitment campaign” for the first time in 8 years.

11% increase in email open rate
Prospective students being sent emails with campaign content were on average 11% more likely to open them than other communications.

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