Deakin University: Virtual Open Day

The pinnacle of virtual open day platforms.

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Editors Notes

You may have heard of Deakin University.

They were the university that created an AI-powered student app (three years ago!) and, now, continue to be at the forefront of technological innovation in HE.

Their take on the “virtual open day” is equally impressive.

First – the sign-up page. It feels like you’re joining a digital conference or high-end event like SXSW. You get the countdown clock, line up and a quick glimpse of what to look forward to.

Sign us up.

The platform is strong, using a variety of mix media for virtual tours, conversations with staff, students and sharing what is special about its community.

The on-demand features are just as powerful, allowing visitors to share their preferences and receive tailored suggestions. It feels like any modern streaming platform – why shouldn’t it? This is what students expect now.

And then there’s gamification.

As part of an virtual open day, if you complete set tasks and engagements you get a badge. Win all the badges and get entered into a draw for a MacBook Air.

Someone did they maths. Student + high levels of digital engagement = more likely to convert.

A MacBook is a small price to pay.

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