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Creative uses of social media networks by universities.

Tigers Support Tigers

Tigers Support Tigers

University of Missouri: A playbook in using campus community to defeat Covid 

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Students socialising on the Library Lawn at Notre Dame University

Notre Dame Library Lawn

You have a one way system and hand sanitiser. The University of Notre Dame has… 

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Abertay University recreated in Minecraft

Abertay University in Minecraft

Abertay University has built its campus in Minecraft… YESSSSSS. 

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The University of Limerick on TikTok

University of Limerick on TikTok

The University of Limerick is owning the absurd on TikTok, and generating a ton… 

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Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring

University of Sunderland’s trialling a new “reverse mentoring” scheme… 

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Snapshot student profiles

15-second, memorable student profiles 

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Uni of Notre Dame Library Lawn

Pandemic Library Lawn

University of Notre Dame: You have hand santiser; this university has an… 

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University of York: Christmas Delivery

Students staying in York halls over Christmas got the best present. 

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